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1.          What are router and its types? 

Router is a networking device which is helpful for to forward data packets between computer networks. Router is  connects two or more  network and that the router operates in network layer. Router are responsible for keeping data flowing between networks and for keeping networks connected to the internet. Router  Is connected two or more lines from different networks. When a data packets comes from one line, the router reads  the network address information in the packet to determine the ultimate destination. The most Familiar type of routers are home and small office routers that simply pass IP packets between the home computers and the internet.
Router consists of the following major components:- 

·         CPU 

·         ROM 

·         RAM 

·         NVRAM 

·         Flash Memory 

·         RXBOOT Image 

·         Interfaces 

·         Buses 

·         Power supply 

·         Configuration register. 

There are following router  which is given below:- 

1.       Wired router      

2.       Wireless router 

3.       Virtual router 
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Wired router:-  Wired router look like box shaped device that connect directly to computer by “hard lined” or wired connections. One connection port on a wired router allows router to connect to a modem for receiving internet data packets while another port is used to connect to computers for distributing internet data packets. Some wired routers also provide ports for distributing data packets to fax machine and telephones. One of the most common varieties of wired router is the Ethernet broadband asus router technical support network address translation technology, which allows multiple computer are plugged into wired router to share single internet protocol(IP) address. 

Wireless router:-   It is similar to wired router; a wireless router connects directly to modem  via a cable for receiving internet data packets. In this router data distributing instead of relying on cables for distributing data packets computer, wireless router distribute data packets using one or more antenna.  Router converts the data binary into a radio signals which is easily transmit by antenna. A computer with  a  wireless receiver can then receive that radio signal and convert back them in binary signals. The most  standard for WLAN is known as Wi-Fi.

Virtual Router - Virtual router is an abstract. The objects can be easily connected. The router functions using  virtual router redundancy protocol (VRRP),which becomes active when a primary, physical router fails or otherwise becomes disabled. 

Router is basically use to distributing the data one or more computer by using router.